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The Global Initiative for Vision and Eyecare (GIVE), is a non-profit organization based out of Mississauga, Canada aimed to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide. The GIVE team has vast experience in the provision of eye health services collaborating with various interested partners and NGOs. At GIVE we are inspired to provide and establish quality eye care and education to all who require or request it. We want to reach persons with ocular disabilities and advocated for their eye needs, formulate structure and policies, mobilize available resources, and improve the quality of life of people who are blind especially due to preventable or treatable eye disease. We work to establish locally managed eye-care programs through missions, clinical screenings, and educational programs, that will continue to serve people and communities that lack the proper resources.

Giving someone the gift of sight empowers them to make changes in their life to better themselves. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of all blindness is preventable. This means that with proper medical care and basic eye hygiene, the majority of blindness can be eradicated. Our main goal is to help people live in a dignified way, through extending them low-cost eye care & surgical intervention, including rehabilitation.

GIVE was founded by Dr. Yasser Khan with the mission in mind to make the world a better place through the gift of sight. With GIVE's mission in mind, Dr. Khan has trained local doctors and provided eye care in over 15 countries worldwide over the past 10 years. Through GIVE, Dr. Khan and his team aim to give the world a better life through better sight.

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