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Please consider donating so we can continue to help the people of Palestine. 


During the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Global Initiative for Vision and Empowerment (GIVE) embarked on a courageous journey to make a difference. Our team, along with Rahma Worldwide and WHO, ventured into war-torn Gaza to help those affected. Steeped in our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, our team navigated through adversity to assist those profoundly affected by the conflict.


In the healthcare-challenged backdrop of Gaza, we honed our focus on performing urgent, life-saving surgeries. With a particular emphasis on facial reconstructive and ophthalmic procedures, GIVE's skilled medical professionals worked tirelessly to address critical health needs. The eyes, often bearing the brunt of conflict's impact, became a focal point in our efforts to restore sight and, by extension, improve their quality of life.


Amidst the challenges, GIVE was part of the effort that provided a beacon of compassion and empowerment. Despite the difficulties encountered, the resilience and strength demonstrated by the local population inspired us to persevere. Our mission went beyond providing immediate medical relief; it was a commitment to sowing the seeds of lasting change and empowerment.


As we reflect on our time in Gaza, the stories of lives transformed and hope instilled serve as powerful reminders of the impact we have made. GIVE remains unwaveringly committed to its mission of bringing vision and empowerment to communities in need, even in the face of the most challenging circumstances. Our mission in Gaza exemplifies the essence of GIVE — a commitment to bridging hope and creating lasting change. 

The Faces of gaza

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